Sports Management School (SMS)

In the United States, it is the world of sports business, also called “Dream Job”, but in Japan, it has a lot of room for development. Although the frontage is narrow, we can expect further expansion and enhancement of the market due to the flow of excellent business people. On the other hand, the mobilization of the human resources market due to the collapse of the lifetime employment system has created a new educational market for “learning while working” for many working people to open up their next career. We hope that many business people who are interested in investing in individuals called “re-education” will take the course and contribute to the realization of dream jobs and further enhancement of value in Japan.

SMS was established in 2003 under the auspices of the University of Tokyo Sports Association in order to match the sports business market with human resources. Since then, SMS has consistently practiced a curriculum based on strategic thinking. Welcome.

More than 650 people have already taken SMS, and many students are active in the world of sports business. For those who are already active in the sports world, as a place of “awareness” and “education” once again in business, and for business people with a high consciousness to invest in the sports world and demonstrate their abilities I hope it will be used as a place to “know the essence of sports management”. At the same time, exchanges between students and a network including students who are active throughout Japan should be a great asset.

We look forward to your participation.

Sports Marketing Cafe (SMC)

Sports Research Institute Co., Ltd. cooperated with Data Stadium Co., Ltd., and used seminars and seminars for students and members of society who are interested in sports marketing using the salon / space of the office.・ Café will be held again this year, following the previous year.

The instructor is Ichiro Hirose, director of the Sports Research Institute, who has been professor at Tama University since April.

You will learn from the background of sports to the current situation of sports marketing with case studies.

We look forward to your participation.